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Why Temporary Foreign Workers Are So Important Right Now

picking ripe strawberries


Temporary foreign workers play a vital part in planting, harvesting and packing the produce we eat across this country every day. Until the Covid-19 crisis, their role was a quiet one, unseen but nevertheless hugely important. In a recent story for the Globe and Mail, Tavia Grant and Kathryn Blaze-Baum reported on the current state of Canadian farms waiting for their crews to arrive. Here’s why those temporary foreign workers are so important to our food supply and how it will affect you at home. A workers compensation attorney саn help уоu understand уоur rights аnd limitations аѕ уоu file a claim аnd pursue relief fоr thе injuries аnd оthеr damages уоu hаvе suffered. Thе lawyer уоu hire оr consult wіth саn explain thе basics оf pursuing a claim аgаіnѕt a coworker оr employer. You can check my site for more about the worker compensation attorney. Continue »

Community Calender- July 2014

lobster rolls

lobster rolls

Since the summer in Ontario can become so jam-packed with events and festivals, vacations and trips to the beach – we thought we should do a quick round-up of a few things going on in the city that you shouldn’t miss out on. We’ve illustrated it with photos of our favourite summer dishes – maybe they’ll inspire your menu this sunny July weekend! Continue »

The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook



This is a guest post by Kerry Knight, a true fan of craft beer.

Do you love craft beer? Do you love to cook?

Finally there is a cookbook that will combine those two passions – David Ort’s Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook. Grab yourself a cold one and let’s hit the kitchen. Continue »

Video: A Few Minutes With A Cheese Columnist



How does one become a cheese columnist for the country’s national newspaper? We asked the Globe & Mail’s Sue Riedl exactly that.