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Flight of the Concord Grapes


Sad but true, summer is drawing to a close. And though most Ontario fruit has come and gone, there are still a few late summer windfalls that are just coming into their own. Grapes, for example, are a fruit practically synonymous with fall, and no self-respecting cornucopia would be caught dead without having clusters of deep purple, pale green or dusky blue grapes spilling out of them. Continue »

A Pectin Primer


Fall is pulling up its roots and skipping town, and leaving in its wake a bounty of unclaimed gifts; there is still a cornucopia of grapes, rosehips, crabapples, herbs and fruit waiting to be canned and pickled. Many of us hate to see produce -especially produce that we have grown ourselves- go to waste, and thoughts at this time of year turn to ingenious ways of preserving this windfall. For first time canners, the prospect of making jams or jellies can be daunting.

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