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Grass Fed Beef




The debate surrounding grain fed beef and grass fed beef has been going on for some time now. It does seem kind of ironic really, that grass fed beef is often regarded as some kind of new fad, when, of course, cattle are ruminants, and are supposed to eat grass, not grain.


Still, it is cheaper to bring cattle up to market size by feeding them grain -corn, mostly- rather than grasses. So cheap must be good, right? Continue »

Interview with “Consumed” Author Sarah Elton

Sarah Elton’s latest book launches on Earth Day, I sent her a few questions recently to inquire as to how she maintains her food activism in her daily life. She replied with some answers that we can all learn from. Read more about “Consumed” here.

Sarah Elton is a celebrated author, food activist and the food columnist for CBC’s Here and Now

What are some things that we can do around the house to offset the dire future you look at in Consumed? 
There’s lots we can do at home because the choices we make will have an impact on our future. Continue »

Butchery 101: Beef Tenderloin

In this, the final in our butchery video series with Stephen Alexander, we discover where the beef tenderloin comes from. Enjoy!

Butchery 101: Flank Steak

In today’s class Stephen Alexander introduces us to a whole side of grass-fed beef and instructs us on how to get at the flank steak. Knives sharp? Ready, set, go!