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Essential Kitchen Utensils: The Mandoline



“Slice a tomato so thin it only has one side!”-Ron Popiel


When it comes to kitchen utensils, you have to balance utility with convenience, practicality with indulgence. A little too much emphasis on the latter and you’ll likely end up with a junk drawer that threatens to take over the entire kitchen, quirky gadgets that are used once in a blue moon then shoved in a drawer to disappear until moving day. There are literally hundreds of gadgets out there, many of them come from television’s golden gadget age of K-Tel and Ronco, from the Veg-o-matic to the Slap Chop, from electric can-openers to Spiralizers.

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Winter Spuds



For potato fanatics, there is nothing as exciting as the first new potatoes of the season, and in Ontario, that is still a few months away, with the first locally grown spuds usually available to us in late June or July. Until then, we have access to spuds grown in warmer climes, and many of us are content to use up last year’s batch. Storing these spuds properly is one of the keys to ensuring that your spuds are tasty all winter.

Stored properly in a cool, dark cellar at a temperature between 7-10 degrees C they will last for months. You also want to store them in a relatively humid environment; potatoes are 80% water, so when they are stored in very dry or warm conditions they will shrink and sprout as the water in them evaporates.
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