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The Easiest Dessert (No Chefs Required)

This spread looks delicious – and way too much work. Read on for an easy, no fuss dessert that will leave you speechless.


You’ll need booze, whipped cream and prunes. You are not going to believe the end result. Continue »

Labneh and Greek Yogurt



photo courtesy of Melissa Bays

photo courtesy of Melissa Bays

Greek yogurt has been all the rage for a while now, with more and more people choosing the thick, creamy yogurt to the more traditional plain or Balkan style. Greek yogurt is basically plain yogurt that has been strained of much of its whey, resulting in a thicker product that is slightly lower in lactose as some of it is in the whey that is strained. But you can make your own Greek yogurt at home quite easily; all you have to do is let it strain in your fridge for a day or even two; the longer it sits and strains, the thicker it gets. Continue »