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Thank You Very Matcha




Have you tried matcha yet? Health enthusiasts everywhere are extolling the virtues of this fine powder tea, adding it to smoothies, making desserts and ice cream from it, and it even makes an appearance in Green Tea lattes at your favourite coffee joint.You can brew it thick or thin, and drink it hot or cold, mixed with milk and sugar, or add it to tempura batter. Matcha, it seems, as a drink or dessert or supplement is here to stay.Matcha is made from shade-grown green tea leaves; about 3 weeks before harvesting the buds, the plant is protected from the sun to stimulate the production of chlorophyll and amino acids. The dark green buds are laid out in the shade to dry, and the veins of the leaves and stems are removed. When totally dried, the buds are stone-ground into a bright, fine green powder. Continue »

Staying Cool With Flavoured Ice



The long weekend is here and you know what that means right? It is time to drink lots of liquids! And make sure those liquids are cold by using lots of ice. Plain old ice cubes won’t cut it this weekend. Bust out a few party tricks to kick your ice cubes up a notch. For a punch bowl you can make a fruit filled ice ring or try individual big block cubes flavoured with fresh fruit for cocktails.  Continue »

A Kombucha Primer



Now that all the Easter eggs have been gobbled up it is time to think about getting healthy for the spring and summer season. Eat more fruit and veggies, dust off the bike and hit the road, get active and get on top of your game.

Also, start drinking kombucha, this fermented tea drink reportedly helps with detoxing your body, jump starting weight loss, increasing your energy and aiding in digestion. We sell a number of varieties at the store but in this post we thought maybe we’d look into how to make it at home. Continue »