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A New Approach For The Grill


In a recent issue of National Geographic devoted to food* I discovered some eye opening stats. Consider this-

“Today only 55% of the worlds’ crop calories feed people directly; the rest are fed to livestock (about 36%) or turned into biofuels and industrial products (roughly 9%). Though many of us consume meat, dairy and eggs from animals raised on feedlots, only a fraction of the calories in feed given to livestock make their way into the meat and milk that we consume. For every 100 calories of grain we feed animals, we get only about 40 new calories of milk, 22 calories of eggs, 12 of chicken, 10 of pork, or 3 of beef.”

You’re probably asking yourself – So what does that have to do with my backyard barbecue?

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Grill Now, Eat Later

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We love grilling in the summer. No pots and pans, no need to turn on the stove, and heat up the house, the smell of hardwood coals and hickory and mesquite. Not to mention how incredible everything tastes, from burgers and hot dogs to steaks, chicken and fresh fish. And don’t forget your veggies! Potatoes, and sweet potatoes are amazing done on the grill, as well as veggie kabobs, zucchini, corn on the cob, asparagus… and most veggies are ready in a fraction of the time. Did you know you can even grill watermelon? Try it sometime and serve the grilled slices sprinkled with feta, chopped olives and basil. Continue »