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If You Truly Love Steak…



Did you know that droolworthy is a word? Well it is, it’s in the Oxford dictionary and everything. And if you’re a lover of steak, and cookbooks about steak, droolworthy just may be the most perfect word to describe Rob Firing’s latest offering, Steak Revolution, on bookstore shelves now, just in time for grilling season.  Continue »

Summer Grilling: Spiducci




We love grilling and barbecuing in the summer-and in other seasons too, for that matter- and the more we grill, or barbecue, the more we discover different methods of grilling and smoking, and the more we are motivated to seek out new recipes and explore and sample different culinary masterpieces that we can add to our repertoire. One such discovery-for those of us late to the party- is spiducci, the classic Italian meat skewers.

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Behold the Miami Rib



We’ve been focussing on vegetables quite a bit in the past few weeks, so I thought today we might turn our attention to the fabulous Miami (aka Korean aka flanken-style) rib. Mild weather this fall means that we’re still grilling and can hopefully continue to do so for a few more weeks. Even though the weather has been mild for this time of year the night air is still nippy so we want something we can grill super fast and race inside to chow down on.

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Grill Now, Eat Later

peppers top


We love grilling in the summer. No pots and pans, no need to turn on the stove, and heat up the house, the smell of hardwood coals and hickory and mesquite. Not to mention how incredible everything tastes, from burgers and hot dogs to steaks, chicken and fresh fish. And don’t forget your veggies! Potatoes, and sweet potatoes are amazing done on the grill, as well as veggie kabobs, zucchini, corn on the cob, asparagus… and most veggies are ready in a fraction of the time. Did you know you can even grill watermelon? Try it sometime and serve the grilled slices sprinkled with feta, chopped olives and basil. Continue »

Settle Down Grillers! Pan-Fried Steak Can Be Great

While there have been a few patio-friendly days this January (which has been wonderful, but also eek!) it is not exactly grilling season.

I know a lot of guys who love to grill, It is such a hackneyed stereotype but grilling does appeal to the male species, and as such most aren’t even interested in steak that hasn’t been grilled. My grill-head friends have no problem with chicken, fish or chops done on or in the stove, but steak gives them pause.

According to them, my father, uncles and grandfathers all included – steak has to be grilled, no matter what.

I disagree.

With the right pan and the right cut, a pan-seared steak can be amazing. So listen up. Here’s how you do the perfect, no fuss, steak in a pan. Continue »