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The Condiments Aisle: Mayonnaise

Nothing says summer like the barbeque. Grilling hamburgers and hotdogs is almost a national obsession. With so much effort put into a secret hamburger recipe, or the care we all take in grilling the perfect hot dog, it is a wonder that we settle for second best when it comes to doctoring our them up on the bun. Continue »

In The Kitchen With Daddy

With Father’s Day imminently upon us, it is time to give a shout-out to dads who can cook. Gone are the days when all we expected from Dad was a little messing around with a skillet of Hamburger Helper, or woofing off his eyebrows in front of the barbeque.

Today’s dads are as at home in the kitchen as they are in the garage; indeed, the kitchen is probably dad’s second favourite room in the house. And with television networks and cooking shows dominated by men-and no small amount of Dads- men everywhere are developing some pretty rad skills in the kitchen. Celebrate that with some great and helpful kitchen gifts on Father’s Day, and leave the spaghetti twirling electric fork for your next Secret Santa gift. Continue »

All Hail Ontario Asparagus!

The sight locally grown of asparagus in our grocery stores is a sure sign that the growing season is well under way. No longer do we have to settle for -or avoid- droopy forlorn stalks trucked in from Mexico and California, the recent excellent weather means we can feast on this perennial favourite harvested nearby only a day or two ago. Continue »