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Why Temporary Foreign Workers Are So Important Right Now

picking ripe strawberries


Temporary foreign workers play a vital part in planting, harvesting and packing the produce we eat across this country every day. Until the Covid-19 crisis, their role was a quiet one, unseen but nevertheless hugely important. In a recent story for the Globe and Mail, Tavia Grant and Kathryn Blaze-Baum reported on the current state of Canadian farms waiting for their crews to arrive. Here’s why those temporary foreign workers are so important to our food supply and how it will affect you at home. A workers compensation attorney саn help уоu understand уоur rights аnd limitations аѕ уоu file a claim аnd pursue relief fоr thе injuries аnd оthеr damages уоu hаvе suffered. Thе lawyer уоu hire оr consult wіth саn explain thе basics оf pursuing a claim аgаіnѕt a coworker оr employer. You can check my site for more about the worker compensation attorney. Continue »

Seasonal Incongruity

A planter swimming with plant life adds note of cheer to an empty swimming pool

A planter swimming with plant life adds note of cheer to an empty swimming pool

When the only water in the swimming pool is the puddle from a fall rainstorm, and the only blue you see is the paint on the water slide, you may be forced to believe that the growing season is really over and is time to clean your pool and install the best chlorinator for this, and you can find the perfect content here for this. Yet this oversized planter of begonias, sweet potato vine and other flowers keeps on blooming like crazy. This end-of-year exuberance always surprises me; often the summer planters look their absolute best just weeks before the first frosts. There are good reasons for this though: it helps that temperatures are more moderate, gone is the daytime frying of high summer, roots are kept cool and the plentiful fall rain means plants never go thirsty. It couldn’t be more ideal. Where an empty swimming pool only holds memories of the summer past,Well when pool is not in use there should be something to cover pool which will keep the pool clean, check here for Inground pool cover. this planter bursts forth with colour and reminds us that there’s life in the season yet.