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Is There Too Much Oil In Your Diet?

Sardines in their tin.

Sardines in their tin.


Do you deep fry everything you eat? Is crispy bacon considered a mandatory garnish on most of your meals? Probably not. But if you are eating out a lot and frying most of your veggies rather than steaming or roasting – then you may be getting too much oil.

Dietary trends-and advice-come and go. In the old days, fat was good for you; prosperous men and women from Dickensian Britain to the mid-twentieth century were all a little pear-shaped. Then fat became a villain, and we were told to avoid it. We all read up on trans fats, saturated fat, hydrogenated fats, partially hydrogenated fats… fat was bad. Now it’s not so bad after all; some is good, some, not so much. Avocados are full of oil, does that mean we should eat less of them? What about fried chicken? Help! Continue »

A 15 Minute Vegan Mac & Cheese Recipe




There’s a few reasons why you should know how to make a vegan cheese sauce. First, because a serving of a dairy free version is less than half the calories, it is a great way to reduce fat in your diet and, it cooks up as fast if not faster than the regular version. No grating required!

Most vegan cheese sauces expect you to think ahead and soak a bunch of cashews overnight. We’ve discovered a much faster method. Try this recipe once, fall in love and never have to worry about having one great vegan recipe in your repertoire again.  Continue »

Aquafaba is Aqua-fabulous!




Whether or not you are vegan, if you enjoy baking to any extent, there is bound to be someone at sometime amongst your guests who is vegan, or cannot handle eggs. And one of the biggest challenges for vegan bakers and cooks is finding the perfect egg substitute. For years bakers have been trying their hands at various egg substitutes including commercially produced combinations of starches, baking soda and baking powder, or ground flax mixed with water, but my favourite go-to egg replacer is aquafaba. Continue »

We Are What We Eat – Magnesium

Popeye-Spinach   We all know that we are what we eat, that our bodies are made of elements that are required to build and maintain this mortal coil; 99% of our bodies are composed of just six elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium, (made memorable by the acronym CHONPC). Five other elements, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium make up the remaining 1%. Yet all of these elements are our clay, and all are essential for life. Miss out on a few of these and suffer the consequences. And there are other trace elements found in our bodies too, some of which are essential in their given role, like fluorine, which seems to only harden tooth enamel. Continue »

It’s Alive! And That’s Why You Should Eat It


This is fresh kimchi, easy to make at home. For the recipe click here.

This is fresh kimchi, easy to make at home. For the recipe click here.



Raw, living fermented foods are very important to our diet. They produce enzymes that the body uses to digest and absorb the food that you eat. Think about your diet, how much of it is cooked? Everything in your ham and cheese sandwich has been cooked or processed, from the bread all the way through. In the morning breakfast cereals and pancakes are cooked, and in the evening casseroles and pastas are cooked for dinner. And the snacks in between? The chips and puddings and Jello jigglers are all processed. Continue »