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Toronto “Fallidays”




Recently Toronto was named “The most diverse city in the world” by BBC Radio. Over half of Toronto residents were born outside of Canada and a whopping two hundred and thirty different nationalities now make up our city’s population. This makes our city one of the most exciting places to live, anywhere! And with the fall season upon us, and winter just around the corner, many of us are gearing up for festivals and celebrations that add history and culture to our national and civic fabric. Continue »

Happy Holidays


This has been a crazy holiday season what with the ice storm and all. Even though we lost power we still stayed open to ensure our customers were able to get all their groceries to make Christmas dinner. We hope you all have a wonderful time today and tomorrow. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas this is still a special time of the year as we come to the end and prepare for all that the new year has in store.

Regardless of whether you’re hanging stockings tonight or not – there is one thing we all do at this time of year; indulge in at least one Christmas movie. Continue »

Detox Before New Year’s Eve

This is the time of year when we are most susceptible to colds and flu. During the holidays we are stressed, drinking too much, eating too much and not enough of it green or healthy foods, and generally just being brats. Add in the cold weather and you’ve got a perfect recipe for nasty cold. The last thing we want is to be standing at the big New Year’s Eve bash with a runny nose and pounding headache. Continue »