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The Secret Ingredient For Your Next Tourtière

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Meat pies are all the rage these days; Jamaican meat patties are sold in just about every corner store in the city core, and franchises of Australian meat pies are popping up all over the place. But Canada has it’s own famous meat pie, and no discussion of distinctly Canadian foods would be complete without a mention of tourtière, the classic French Canadian pork pie that has been synonymous with comfort food for generations. Recently we discovered a secret ingredient that will make all your future tourtières the best you’ve ever had.


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The Most Delicious Bread You’ll Ever Taste


Have you harvested your herbs yet? The unseasonably warm weather this fall means that many of our beloved herbs are still flourishing, but they won’t be around for too much longer. At Fiesta Farms, we are always looking for ways to benefit from the bounty of our gardens, and we hate to see any fruit, vegetables or herbs go to waste.

Herb butters, pestos, flavoured vinegars and oils are a  wonderful way to save the summer, and making a few loaves of delicious herb bread is another great way to do just that. Or you can always just pick up some herbs at the store. When we buy fresh herbs from the market for a specific recipe, like a herb butter, it often happens that we end up with an excess of herbs in the fridge. This is a great way to use them up. Continue »

Easter Egg Bread




I’ve never made Easter Egg Bread before but I plan to this weekend. I’ve got an excellent savory recipe for it and I’ll serve it with charcuterie and Ontario cheeses and maybe a few hard boiled eggs dyed with beet juice. It’s festive looking and easy to prepare and set out for guests and this savory version makes it great for cocktail hour. This traditional Italian bread varies region to region and often a sweet version is prepared. You can make a long braided loaf, do individual little braided wreaths or a large braided wreath. Coloured eggs are pretty but simple white eggs work well too and might be best for a savory version. Continue »