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Bourbon: It’s Not Just For Sipping

Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings, photo and recipe by Extraordinary Barbecue.

Honey Bourbon Chicken Wings, photo and recipe by Extraordinary Barbecue.


Most cooks at one time or another cook with alcoholic beverages. Whether it is wine, beer or spirits, cooking with alcoholic beverages adds a depth and sophistication to so many dishes, both sweet and savoury.

Rum is most famously employed in rum babas and the traditional truffle-like rum balls that roll our way every Christmas, we even throw in a few raisins and add rum to ice cream. Scotch whisky is the eponymous main ingredient in Scotch Whisky Cakes, sherry is a must have ingredient for the best trifles and brandy has been glugged generously on fruitcakes and puddings for eons. We brine our poultry, mussels and even bathe our beef tongue in beer, we marinate cuts of beef in red wine and use it to enrich our sauces, and in short, many of us have decided that if we are going to cook, we often look to the liquor cabinet for inspiration. Continue »

Make Your Dad A Star

It’s back! Apron Strings is our super fun annual video series that takes you into the kitchens of real home cooks to learn how they make their favourite family recipes and it is back for another year. But this time we’re looking for dads, uncles, grandpas…We know they can do more than barbecue steaks or fry up some eggs. Check out the information below and fill in the contest form by clicking here and enter your dad today

Remember, you need to fill in the form to be officially entered to be a star! Now go ahead, and fill it in!