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Pizza Party!



Wow, a post about pizza! Well, why not? Pizza is good food, especially if you make it yourself, and it is a fun way to get the family involved. You’re not spending the day peeling potatoes and shucking corn, you’re having a Pizza Party! Hello!

Pizza humour!

I remember as a kid an old comic book in which Little Lotta orders a pizza. (At least I think it’s Little Lotta…) The pizza maker asks, “Would you like me to cut it into 8 or 12 slices?”

“Oh eight slices, please,” replies Little Lotta. “I could never eat 12!”

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Homemade NeoCitran

What a lousy time to have the flu, or even a common cold. Maybe you have noticed that some of your old stand-by medicines are no longer available. It’s true, believe it or not, there is a shortage of several cough and cold medicines such as Buckley’s and that old stand-by, NeoCitran, inextricably linked with images of Saint Bernards and letter carriers warming their feet in buckets of hot water. Truth be told, all is not lost. Many in the health profession aver that cough syrups and medications such as NeoCitran are largely panaceas, that the best cure is rest, lots of water, cleanliness and a good diet.

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The Condiment Aisle – Relish


Was ever a condiment so appropriately named? In Canada you are most likely to see relish right alongside mustard and ketchup as one of the three favourite toppings for a hamburger or hot dog. Not so in the States, where relish is a little harder to find at fast food joints, and requesting it might elicit confused looks similar to the ones you get when asking for mayonnaise or white vinegar for your French fries. In many States you are likely to get pickles on your burger or hot dog, but here in Canada, we like our pickles minced up. Continue »

The Condiment Aisle: Ketchup

This is the first image that comes up when you Google ‘ketchup’.

Malcolm Gladwell, the Canadian intellectual, author and journalist, wrote at length about ketchup for the The New Yorker,and the article appears in his collection of essays, What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures. In the essay, The Ketchup Conundrum” Gladwell argues the reasons why the public welcomes a variety of tastes when it comes to mustard, and tomato sauces, but is staunchly resilient to any ketchup that strays too far from the taste of good old Heinz.

Who knew that a condiment as seemingly innocuous as ketchup could inspire such impassioned journalistic investigation, and weigh-in as a metaphor for cultural conditioning? Continue »

You Can’t Top This Muffin

Muffins are a one of our favourite things to snack on; and homemade muffins are so easy it seems silly to buy them. From the start of your prep to taking them out of the oven, it only takes about half an hour. Depending what you put in them they can be wholesome, nutritious, holier-than thou or borderline decadent. Continue »