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Hot Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

It’s true that fair-trade and organic, non GMO products are most often a little more expensive than the big name brands, and paying a few cents per item more may go against the grain of die-hard bargain hunters, but  factor in the reality that those few cents from each of us add up to more than the eye can see. And it’s not a huge ordeal to buy fair trade; even items as common place as cocoa have a huge impact on the quality of life for workers abroad as well as local businesses. Take Camino Fair trade and organic hot chocolate for example.




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Hot Stuff!

Hot chocolate is to skating rinks what hot dogs are to ball parks, and with the plethora of outdoor rinks in this city, toting your own thermos along for the slide seems a no-brainer. Sitting on a wooden bench, warming up with a mug of cocoa after an hour or so on an outdoor park rink is an iconic Canadian image. Many rinks sell hot chocolate, but a lot of what is served out there is instant, which is about as close to the real thing as instant coffee is to fresh brewed. Continue »

Happy Halloween – Let’s Talk About Your Yard

Every Halloween we get all excited and bring home a bunch of big pumpkins, hack away at them with steak knives and arrange them on the porch lit up from inside with tea lights. Our Jack-o-Lanterns are a source of pride for a few days, until the Halloween candy runs out and Jack’s jaunty hat starts to sink and soften. Once the pumpkin starts to rot it just serves as a reminder that the fun, freaky holiday is over and all that stands between us and the icy cold despair of January is Christmas. And Christmas is great and all but it is the very last vestige of holiday fun before our world turns to ice. Clermont Yard Cards helps you to enhance your party decoration. Continue »