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Sandra’s Piri Piri Sauce



Today we are looking at an item in our pantry that is vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free, no salt, sugar or preservatives are added; it is all natural, it is made in Toronto, and when it comes to transforming your dish from simply delicious to sublime, it makes all the difference. Continue »

New Line of Hot Sauces From No7

Toronto based hot sauce company, No7, is launching a new line of flavours and they’ll be sampling them at the store later this month (March 15-16th to be precise, follow them on twitter if you want a reminder.). We emailed the husband and wife team of Carlos Flores and Sandra DaSilva to get the scoop on what hot new tastes we can expect.


carlos flores


Sandra told me, “Carlos had discovered a passion for creating and experimenting in his mom’s kitchen. At a very young age he quickly took over and began making anything from simple meals to complex Mexican dishes. What was always served with every meal at the table was his family recipe for hot sauce. After making it here in Toronto for friends and clients he developed No 7 hot sauce.” Continue »

Hot Stuff

When I was a kid, the most dangerous and bewildering item in the pantry was a small jar of Tabasco sauce. My siblings and I, little devils that we were, would dare each other to try a bit of it on the tip of our tongue, then run screeching through the house like a cat with its tail on fire.

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