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Meditations on Roast Beef


Gracie Allen’s Recipe for Roast Beef



1 large roast of beef

1 small roast of beef


Take the two roasts and put them in the oven. When the little one burns, the big one is done.

The bright and modern test kitchen at Nella Cucina on Bathurst was buzzing with excitement on Saturday morning as a group of Toronto’s most carnivorous and curious foodies, bloggers and chefs convened for a seminar concerning one of the most loved and yet taken for granted cuts of meat, the humble yet still dazzling roast beef. Continue »

Chutney for Thanksgiving

Chutney is one of those idiot-proof condiments, so easy to prepare that there will NEVER be a Ronco or K-tel “Chutney Wonder” late nite infomercial. Originally a condiment that appeared in Indian cooking, wet or dry chutneys have typically been made from mint, coriander and onion, but have been bastardized by inventive and curious cooks for years looking to come up with a sauce or tangy side relish to compliment any number of meats, or to act as a substitute for gravies. Continue »