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Hockey Night in Picton!


One of our favourite Canadian charities is part of what promises to be a very delicious hockey game in Picton this weekend. Pitting Toronto chefs against Montreal chefs, the game will have some of the best concessions hockey fans have ever experienced. Plus Ken Dryden will be there!

And all the proceeds go to one of our favourite Canadian charities. Continue »

Let’s Go To The Rodeo



One of our favourite places in Toronto is the Evergreen Brickworks, it is a beautiful spot year round with lovely gardens in the summer and an ice skating rink in the summer. There’s a year round farmer’s market and always fun and creative food programming for kids – cooking classes and gardening lessons help educate our city’s youngsters so they’ll grow up knowing where there food comes from and how to cook it up for themselves. We are big supporters of any programming that teaches kids about food and that’s why we’re excited about an event they have planned for later this month. Continue »

Chef Jamie Kennedy on Soupstock

Chef Jamie Kennedy explains what Soupstock is all about, and why, if you care about local food, you should go. It all takes place tomorrow from 11-4pm at Woodbine Park.

It’s Time For Green

Last night Chef Jamie Kennedy and Joe Virgona hosted a local food dinner where the message was loud and clear – we can only feed our communities if we champion our family farms.

The Green Party’s platform is simple and straightforward and it’s addressing an issue that cannot be ignored.

Here they lay out their plan to ensure that everyone in Ontario has better food and better food knowledge. Continue »