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How To Make The Perfect Yorkshire Pudding



Yorkshire pudding, that delightful egg and flour quick bread so closely associated with roast beef dinner, has been around since the mid eighteenth century and is in no danger of going out of style. Whether you call them “Yorkshire Pudding” or “popovers”, these light and irresistible quick breads, golden brown and piping hot out of the oven and covered with butter or gravy are just about the best things you can pop out of the oven and into your mouth. Continue »

Cookbook: Jamie’s Comfort Food



Jamie Oliver has a new cookbook out this fall and it is a beautiful piece of work. Even though this is his 16th cookbook (!) it is still fresh and vibrant with gorgeous photography and fun, interesting recipes to share with family and friends. Called Jamie’s Comfort Food it is filled with what he terms “scrumptious happy classics” and is a real pleasure to leaf through.

We thought we’d share our favourite recipe from the book and give you a sneak peek into its pages. Here goes! Continue »

It’s Time For Watermelon


Have you had watermelon yet this summer? If not, what are you waiting for? Watermelon is incredibly versatile; it can be made into a cooling and refreshing beverage, frozen into popsicles,  mixed with vodka it can form the base of a potent potable,  you can make watermelon wine, or make a savory salad with it by mixing it with basil and blue cheese, you can make pickles out of its rind, you can win bragging rights at the county fair by eating more of it than that kid next to you, and you can even make a cake out of it!  And if you’re Gallagher you can make a living by bashing it to smithereens with a mallet. Comedy Gold!!

One thing you can’t do is have a picnic without it. That’s just not right. Continue »

We Love Lentils



Lentils are grain legumes, also known as “pulses,”- legumes such as beans and peas that are grown in a pod and cultivated and harvested for animal or human consumption. Lentils have been part of the human diet for thirteen thousand years and are still going strong, grown worldwide, with almost 4 million metric tonnes produced in 2009. Did you know that Canada is the world’s #1 producer/exporter of lentils? Well, we are. Saskatchewan, our nation’s bread-basket, is also big on gluten free grains; it is one of the world’s lentil hot spots, producing 1.5 million metric tons in 2012. Continue »

Putting the Easter Bunny on the Menu



For many people celebrating Easter this weekend, Easter Sunday dinner means a feast of ham, or rack of lamb, or that old holiday standby, turkey. This year, why not try something different and delicious, like rabbit? If you’re the type who eschews chocolate bunnies, there is still the opportunity to indulge in a little bunny love, albeit of a more savory kind. Continue »