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The Pickle Championships Are Back




Should you want more pickles in your life this fall, be sure to come out to the Drake Hotel on September 22nd for the 6th Annual Pickle Championships. You can come as a guest and just enjoy tasting all the pickles or you can enter your own pickles in either the professional or amateur category. Any kind of pickle is eligible, in the past there have been pickled eggs, pickled tongue, pickled eggplant, many types of kimchi, even pickled walnuts. If it can be pickled, it can be entered. Here’s a little re-cap of last year’s event.

Now to share with you two of our favourite, somewhat unusual, but distinctly gorgeous pickle recipes. Continue »

Kale, the Green Superfood


Kale is good for you. You know you need to eat more kale, so why aren’t you? Well, to be honest, kale is kind of tough and turns an unattractive colour once it’s cooked down to a soft consistency. Here are some ideas to incorporate more kale into your repertoire without making you feel like a wild animal chewing on bunch of dried leaves.  Continue »