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Chopped Liver Love


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It’s Hanukkah, the time of year when everyone is braising briskets and frying latkes. The humble chopped liver is a dish that deserves some time in the spotlight. Not to be confused with pâté, chopped liver should never be smooth, it is a rustic dish and should always be chopped by hand – just like Bubbe used to make it. Continue »

Pickles in Ontario

Is there any partnership more perfect than pastrami with a pickle? I doubt it. So when it was revealed earlier this year that Strub’s Pickles might be going out of business, my heart sank. First there was Ontario’s Bick’s Pickles being swallowed up in 2004 by American giant J.M.Smuckers Co.- who subsequently closed down the Dunnville plant last year -and then this. Continue »