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DIY: Paneer

A Celebration of India will be taking place tonight at the Drake Hotel for 86’d Mondays, there will be Indian food, music, henna tattoos, fashion and a photography slideshow. You can check updates of fashion shows at UrbanBurger. It is free and open to the public, starts at 7pm.

In honour of Indian cuisine we’d like to talk about paneer. There is something magical about this Indian cheese, it is so simple to make yet the end result is rich and complex. It holds its shape well in hot temperatures and adds texture and tang to a spicy dish, complimenting the flavours while holding onto its own unique qualities.

You can fry it, toss it in salads or stews, or skewer and grill it on kebabs. Unlike most cheeses, it is lacto-vegetarian since no rennet is used in its production; typically an acid such as lemon juice is used to coagulate the milk.

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