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Our Proud Producers: Greenbelt Microgreens


Sunflowers germinating

Sunflowers germinating


Ian Adamson opened Greenbelt Microgreens  in 2010, but the seeds of this endeavor were planted years before. Motivated by a desire to grow organic greens efficiently while utilizing ecological growing methodologies, Ian began tinkering with microgreens as far back as 1998. Six years later he began selling some of his produce, and after investing in a glass greenhouse and continuing to tweak and perfect the art of growing his greens, he opened Greenbelt Microgreens in 2010. In 2016 Greenbelt Microgreens is going stronger than ever, producing and supplying certified organic microgreens for restaurants and markets throughout the GTA, including of course, Fiesta Farms. Continue »

Preserves Swap + Jam & Jelly Tasting with Sarah B.Hood

This Monday is my second annual Preserves Swap & Sale, where anyone who has some preserves they’ve made can come in and swap with other canners. Last year we had marmalade, tomato sauce, dill pickles, pepper jelly, bread and butter pickles, pickled beets, and more. It was a huge cornucopia of canning! Continue »

All Hail Ontario Asparagus!

The sight locally grown of asparagus in our grocery stores is a sure sign that the growing season is well under way. No longer do we have to settle for -or avoid- droopy forlorn stalks trucked in from Mexico and California, the recent excellent weather means we can feast on this perennial favourite harvested nearby only a day or two ago. Continue »

Get Your Green On

Friday, April 13th will be a lucky day for residents of Toronto, as the Green Living Show will be held at the Direct Energy Centre at Exhibition place. This is North America’s largest Green consumer show, with over four hundred exhibitors demonstrating green, earth- friendly and sustainable solutions and ideas that affect all walks of life: energy, wellness, fashion and beauty, transportation and food and beverage are just a few of the areas that will be showcased. Continue »

New Team Member – Andrea Chiu

We’ve got a new team member on board! Former Foursquare mayor of Fiesta Farms, Andrea Chiu, will be joining the crew and helping with social media.  At platypus reviews you will get a best social media traffic bot.  You can buy Instagram followers from these guys for the best social media engagement. Continue »