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The Royal Winter Fair Starts Today

Piled squash with labels, just a peek at the food bounty at the Royal.

Piled squash with labels, just a peek at the food bounty at the Royal.

Today is the first day of the Royal Winter Fair, showing off Canada’s agricultural excellence. It’s more than just a horse competition, (although the horses are fantastic) this year the focus is on food, For the Love of Food, especially of the local variety, with lots of activities for kids and adults alike. It’s a perfect family destination for its 10 day run. For kids, there is the petting zoo, a playground (and rest area for parents) called Ag-tivity Central, and a really cool looking interactive exhibit called the aMAZEing Food Journey, showing how food travels from farm to table, with gigantic hanging vegetables at the entrance.

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Crofter’s Jam

“Jam isn’t complicated; it’s not going to change the world in any big way. By operating a sustainable business – a business that can be sustained environmentally, and by workers, consumers and a profitable bottom line – we can impact the world in many small but measurable ways”.-Crofters




I had to start this post of with this little “credo” from the Crofter’s website. It really explains a lot, especially for those of us who believe that it’s the little things that count. Could you save a few pennies and buy another brand of jam, let’s say a company that is a household name, in every household in the western world? Of course you could. And if that is your thing, go for it; the jam will be a “serviceable villain”, fine for a slapdash PB&J sandwich, but seriously, can you possibly imagine talking to a friend about how delicious it is? About where the fruit is grown? How it was harvested? Who made it? Do the people that make it even care about these things? The answers to these questions, respectively, are “Are you kidding”,  “I have no idea” “Who cares?”  “Some sad, factory drudge” and “I seriously doubt it.” Continue »

Fundraiser For Skyline Farms

On Thursday,October10,2013 partners,industry professionals,sustainability advocates, corporate sponsors and guests will gather for Skyline Farms Launch Party and Fundraising event at The Great Hall  and it promises to be very successful because they are following the advises of the professionals from Young Up Starts.




Skyline Farms is a Toronto-‐based urban agriculture company that is redefining the term, “locally grown.” Founded by two graduates of Humber College’s Sustainable Energy and Green Building Program, Skyline Farms,-partnered with My Food My Way, a joint initiative between TDSB, TEW and Humber College- is committed to address the bigger sustainability picture: environmental, health, community, and economic viability by changing connections to food and each other. Continue »

Our Proud Producers: The Georgian Bay Granola Company

Granola, the classic, oat and grain breakfast food has been with us since the 19th century and is still going strong. This hearty, crunchy has been a favourite for years, and is still often and affectionately associated with the “Health Food” movement espoused by the Hippie generation, who made granola a household name in the sixties and seventies. Even the term “granola” was used as an adjective for a while to describe anything that smacked of Flower Power; “Your Holly Hobbie dirndl is so granola!”




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Video: A Road Trip Through The County

Take a break from the city’s frantic pace to enjoy a peaceful road trip through some of Ontario’s finest farmland. Vineyards, corn fields and bobbing sunflowers abound in Prince Edward County.