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May 5th is Food Justice Day in Toronto




Today Toronto’s City Hall released a statement by Mayor John Tory, with his plan to address food inequality in this city. His plans sound ambitious but the fact that this conversation is being had is an excellent step forward. We credit organizations like the STOP Community Food Centre and Local Food Plus for being at the forefront of opening our eyes to the concept of not just food for all, but good food for all.  Continue »

Interview with “Consumed” Author Sarah Elton

Sarah Elton’s latest book launches on Earth Day, I sent her a few questions recently to inquire as to how she maintains her food activism in her daily life. She replied with some answers that we can all learn from. Read more about “Consumed” here.

Sarah Elton is a celebrated author, food activist and the food columnist for CBC’s Here and Now

What are some things that we can do around the house to offset the dire future you look at in Consumed? 
There’s lots we can do at home because the choices we make will have an impact on our future. Continue »

Community Calendar – The Green Living Show is back!

The Green Living Show is back and we teamed up with Local Food Plus to do a Good Eats Market as part of the show. You can purchase heirloom produce, organic sprouts, Holland Marsh carrots, even Lake Erie popcorn! It all begins this Friday at 10am and goes through the weekend to end on Sunday at 6pm. Continue »