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Easter Hours


Whether you celebrate with a leg of lamb, a pineapple-studded ham or a plant-based feast of yams – wishing everyone a lovely Easter weekend!

The store will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, back to regular hours on Monday morning at 8am.


Why is the Best Day Off of the Year Called Labour Day?



As much as Victoria Day may give a signal to Canadians that Summer is on the way and it’s time to hit the cottage for a long weekend, so too Labour Day, falling as it does on the first Monday of September, is often regarded as reminder that summer is drawing to a close as schools are opening their doors, days are conspicuously shorter and fall is in the air. Though for most of us, Labour Day now means a lazy long weekend and maybe an evening watching the Labour Day Classic  the holiday has an important place in Canadian history and has been around since Sir John A. was prime minister and the aforementioned Queen Victoria was still not amused.

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Cocktails for Victoria Day

Happy Victoria Day from Fiesta Farms!

This Monday, May 18, is Victoria Day! Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901 was the monarch who gave royal assent to Canada’s confederation; we honour her memory to this day by celebrating a national statutory holiday every year on or around her birthday, May 24, and have been doing so since 1845.

For many Canadians, the three-day weekend is the unofficial start to the summer season, with most Canucks simply referring to the long weekend as the May two-four weekend, referencing the tradition of loading the car with a two-four of beer, heading to cottage country and dusting off the barbecue. Continue »

Family Day Survival Guide

A lot of stores will be closed for Family Day tomorrow, including ours, so we thought we’d put up a post today to give you some ideas for how to finish up your long weekend. This way you can stock up on what you need today and have a fun, stress-free day tomorrow.  Continue »