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Grand Maman Claire


Kristina Groeger is a food writer and photographer when she’s not working in the pastry department at the Ritz-Carlton. She’s prolific on Twitter and Posterous and maintains a funny food blog called Put a Fork In It. We’re running this piece she wrote, about her boyfriend’s French-Canadian grandmother, in the lead up Mother’s Day and the launch of the newest Apron Strings videos. Enjoy.

painting of Grand Maman Claire by the author




by Kristina Groeger

On a raw, chapped, Canadian Wednesday morning we gather our things in the dark for a three day trip to Montreal from Toronto via our 15 year old Volkswagen Jetta.  I use the orange light of the street because I’m sure my pupils would burst with the thought turning on a light switch.  Half asleep dreams of proper beer on winter patios (cheering for a -real- hockey team) kept me going before I got that first crappy burnt Tim’s coffee in me. Continue »