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Calling All Vegetable Lovers!



Veg-heads of Toronto unite! This weekend, Friday Sept 11 to Sunday Sept 13th  marks the 31st year that Toronto honours and celebrates all persons places and things vegetarian with it’s annual Veg Food Fest!

Billed as a “food festival first” featuring veg*n hot dogs, juicy burgers and “fluffy cupcakes smothered in frosting” this Veg Fest, one of North America’s best, is much more than just a gourmand’s delight. Upwards of 85 vendors will be on site, showcasing wares and sharing ideas that will make vegan and vegetarian cooking more accessible and user friendly than ever. Sample delectable victuals from gluten-free, dairy free and Raw Food chefs and veg*n treats to keep you fueled for the entirety of your visit  as you check out all natural markets, or discuss animal welfare with the good folks from Toronto Pig SaveAnimal Justice Canada, or Mercy For Animals.

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