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It’s a Potato Party!

who doesn't love a potato party!

who doesn’t love a potato party!

Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus and even that old chestnut Christmas, are upon us this month and that means one thing to a lot of people. Drinking! While holiday traditions may vary from house to house, with a menorah here and a Christmas tree there, you can usually count on a fully stocked bar.

Mimosas with a leisurely brunch, a martini after a hectic day at the mall, or a festive punch at the office party, we probably drink more at this time of year than any other, so we should put as much thought and care into our cocktails as we do with the holiday bird.

The best thing a potato ever did for the world was to ferment and get us all tipsy.

Vodka is definitely the highest form a potato can take and since we’re all about Spud Love this season, we’re going to honour it.

Here are some vodka cocktail recipes, by bartender Dave Elliott, that are perfect for the upcoming holidays. Why are they perfect? Because they are simple to make, beautiful to look at and a few sips will give you a lovely glow. Continue »