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Retro Summer Classics: Seven-Layer Dip

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Summer dining often means eating outdoors, and many times a summer dinner consists entirely of noshing on an assortment of appetizers, tapas, dips, salads and crudités. Today we are looking at the Grandmother of summer appetizers, the classic Seven-Layer Dip. Continue »

The Beautiful Tomatillo



Lookin for love….


Earlier this summer a grocer down my street gave me a sad little green plant in a plastic bag. A stem and a few wilted leaves. “I’m not sure what it is called in English,” she admitted. “It’s like a tomato,” she added shrugging. Curious, I planted the little thing and watered it everyday-it really likes water and got quite droopy without its daily shower. Over the next couple of months it has grown, and thrived, and is now approaching four feet tall and sporting hundreds of gorgeous little yellow flowers attracting butterflies and bees. It’s a real hangout. Still, I had no idea what it was until I posted a picture on social media asking about it and got a quick reply; mystery solved, it’s a tomatilla plant! Continue »

Masa Harina Tortillas


When it comes to tortillas, aficionados are divided into two distinct camps: flour or corn. Most often a single household will have to have both types of tortillas on hand, literally, to keep the peace. While both flour and corn tortillas are great, the biggest problem with corn tortillas is they tend to be dry, or once the package is opened, they get stale rather quickly if not used up right away. And sadly, they are often slightly stiff, or torn even when the package is just opened. It’s practically impossible to buy them in packages less than ten, and are prone to break when you are trying to fold them. In general, mass produced corn tortillas are a little bit of a let down. Continue »