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We Love Lentils



Lentils are grain legumes, also known as “pulses,”- legumes such as beans and peas that are grown in a pod and cultivated and harvested for animal or human consumption. Lentils have been part of the human diet for thirteen thousand years and are still going strong, grown worldwide, with almost 4 million metric tonnes produced in 2009. Did you know that Canada is the world’s #1 producer/exporter of lentils? Well, we are. Saskatchewan, our nation’s bread-basket, is also big on gluten free grains; it is one of the world’s lentil hot spots, producing 1.5 million metric tons in 2012. Continue »

New Fall Cookbooks from Old Favourites

For baseball fans, autumn means the World Series, The Fall Classic, when the year’s top teams battle it out and the best in the game strut onto the playing field, ready to knock it out of the park. And though the World Series just wrapped up a few weeks ago, in the cookbook world, fall is also the season when the Big Guns come to play, bringing with them their best offerings of the year, anticipating a grand slam of their own.



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The Delicious Food Show Is This Weekend

It’s Delightful, It’s Dewonderful, it’s Delicious Food Show!




If you like Delicious Food, and who doesn’t, this is your lucky weekend. The Delicious Food Show is back, and is bigger than ever, running today, tomorrow and Sunday, that’s October 25, 26 and 27 at The Better LivingCentre on the CNE grounds.


This is a major event in the food world, masterminded by the team that puts together the hugely popular One of a Kind Show and the Interior Design Shows, and it is back in Toronto for it’s second year. Continue »

Cooking With Ontario Beer – from Muskoka to Mill Street

Gee I wish I was cooking with some Ontario craft beer right now

Dads like beer and beer and food go together. These days it is not uncommon for discriminating diners to wash down a gourmet meal with their favourite suds, and many dads are finding just as much pleasure cooking with beer as they do drinking it.

Sure, you will want to use a good full-bodied red wine in your beef bourguignon, but there are umpteen ways to use beer in your culinary adventures that wine cannot match.

So this Father’s Day, if you want to encourage the ol’ man to strut his stuff in the kitchen, suggest that he cook with beer. Continue »