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We Are What We Eat: Modified Milk Ingredients


It's not just in processed cheese....

It’s not just in processed cheese….


It may sound like something out of an Orwellian dystopia, but “Modified milk ingredients” (mmi) are really not that scary. When the first ingredient listed on the label of a run of the mill “ice cream,” or “frozen dessert” is “Modified milk ingredients” and not cream, or milk, you might be justified in wondering exactly what this means. Sometimes this labelling is represented as simply, “Milk Ingredients” which perhaps implies that what you are getting is not exactly milk, or the milk ingredients are not the modified variety, or that through the miracle of modern science milk has been deconstructed and only some of it’s ingredients are contained therein. Continue »

We Are What We Eat: Calcium



It’s important to remember that we are made of the elements of this earth, and we get those elements into our bodies by eating. Calcium is the fifth most abundant element in the earth’s crust, and it is also the fifth most abundant element in our oceans, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it is also the fifth most abundant metal by mass in our bodies, and is an essential element for every living organism. In Hollywood, the Fifth Element may be love, but in the rest of the world, it’s calcium.

When we hear the word calcium we automatically think of bones and teeth. And milk. We know that these are related, milk bones and teeth, we know that bones-and teeth- are made mostly of calcium, and therefore we should make sure that we get enough of it. And milk is a good source of calcium, so drink lots of it. It’s that simple, right? Well, sort of.
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Fiesta Farms Is Pleased to Announce


Eby Manor Farms Guernsey Gold milk is coming to the store. Now if you think that milk is just milk, think again. In this story on the Eby Manor milk the Observer Extra notes that

“It’s been more than 40 years since customers have been able to buy pure Guernsey milk at the grocery store.”


“For decades, milk in Canada has been marketed as just that – milk. Eby said the industry’s marketing board has discouraged differentiation within the industry for decades in order to promote the sheer volume of sales.”

Here’s the story on this delicious, local milk that will now be available at Fiesta Farm.:

Eby Manor is a 3rd generation local family farm, owned by Jim, Ruth, Ben and Sheri, located in Waterloo County just north of Waterloo. All of Eby Manor’s Golden Guernsey milk is produced by 60 registered Guernsey cows, each with their own unique golden-fawn and white markings as well as their own unique personality. Continue »

Pour Me A Noggin!

Eggnog is associated with Christmas the way pumpkin pie is inextricably linked to Thanksgiving. You know the holidays are right around the corner when you see cartons of this sweet grog standing up rank and file alongside the milk and butter at supermarkets and corner stores, shimmering in deep glass punchbowls next to the buche noel at office parties. Continue »