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Baristas Are Clamouring For This Incredible Product!

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This Monday July first is Canada Day, so today we thought we’d look at a company that is doing our country proud; Earth’s Own, a Canadian company based in British Columbia that is producing fantastic plant-based beverages that are as good for you as they are for the earth. Continue »

Essential Pantry Ingredients: Powdered milk


Powdered milk in your hot chocolate - how tantalizing!

Powdered milk in your hot chocolate – how tantalizing! Seriously…


Having a secret stash of powdered milk hidden in your cupboard is not exactly sexy or exciting; it’s not like having a bottle of rare brandy stashed away only to be broken into on special occasions. Few of us have heard the words, “Time to break out the powdered milk!” when celebrating. But instant powdered milk, most often the fat-free or “skim milk” variety is a healthy, handy and helpful foodstuff that has a place, if not in our hearts, at least in our cupboard.

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Read The Label: Carageenan

Irish Moss

Irish Moss


There have been milk alternatives  available to consumers for years, for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or vegetarian or just those who like to try something new, add a little variety to their diet and maybe take a break from the usual. Many of those choosing alternatives to cow and goat’s milk opt instead for beverages made from coconut, almond, soy and so forth, and are discovering an ingredient that is pretty much common to many of these beverages; carrageenan.

Carageenan, one of the thickening agents used in the manufacture of milk alternatives, is a gelatinous substance derived from Irish Moss seaweed; gelatinous only in its description, since as a plant product is not actually related to gelatin, but has similar thickening and “jelly” like properties similar to those of agar agar. The name itself is derived from Carraigin, the coastal region of Ireland where it was originally harvested. Continue »