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Finally – Instant Ramen That’s Actually Good



Instant ramen is a meal that you can put in your purse or backpack, eat at your desk or in between classes, a quick dish that is ready in two minutes. Unfortunately it is also full of sodium and msg.

When you get a craving for a bowl of instant noodles try Lotus Foods’ Rice Ramen. The trick is trying to balance good sense, good taste and good nutrition with the magic and convenience of a three minute meal – Lotus Foods does exactly that. These single serving portioned packages of rice noodles are made with non-GMO ingredients, they are gluten-free so are suitable for gluten intolerant individuals, they are made with organic ingredients where possible, they are low-fat, vegan, and have waaaay less salt than regular instant ramen. Continue »

Let’s Talk Tabbouleh


Quinoa and Kale Tabbouleh, just one of many variations you can try. Recipe here.

Quinoa, Carrot and Kale Tabbouleh, just one of many variations you can try. Recipe can be found at Taste Food Blog here.


Tabbouleh , the traditional dish from the Middle East is a great salad that is almost a meal in itself, and the end of summer is one of the best times to make it; your garden is brimming with plump tomatoes or cherry tomatoes perfectly ripened on the vine, cucumbers, despite the heat, are crisp and cool, the parsley and mint are running rampant, while green onions or chives are ready and waiting to shine. Continue »

Diversify Your Plate


A tractor sits in a field of mustard, this will be tilled under to nurture the soil and control pests. Just one step of many to get the dirt ready for wheat planting.


Having just read Chef Dan Barber’s excellent article in the New York Times about the Farm to Table movement, my eyes have been opened to the way farmers actually work. They don’t just grow one delicious grain, harvest it, sell it to a baker and a lovely loaf lands on the shelf for you to buy. Of course they do do that but before they can grow that one grain that the fickle market has deemed delicious they must prepare the soil. Barber talks about the farmer planting mustard, tilling that under, then planting cowpeas to bring nitrogen to the soil, then a plant of rye or oats, until finally the field is ready for the superstar grain, in this case emmer wheat (or farro).  Continue »