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Happy Mother’s Day!


Big hugs to all the moms out there. You are the wind beneath our wings!



A Tea Party for Mother’s Day



Sunday is Mother’s Day, the busiest day of the year for brunch. No matter what you do, be glad you do not work in a restaurant on Mother’s Day, and if you do, my condolences! Many brunch establishments throughout town are taking reservations, and just as many are not. If you are willing to take the risk of not enquiring about whether or not your favourite restaurant will be able to seat you at your preferred time, you and Mom may find yourself in for a fair bit of a line up. For those of you that are up for it, here is a list of some hot spots that are still taking reservations.


Another way of showing Mom some love is by avoiding the madding crowd altogether, as many of us have reservations about making reservations, preferring to spend a couple of hours together in the sanity of one’s own home, a nice, familiar alternative especially if Mom is not the gadabout type. Maybe you could make brunch yourself, trying your hand at an old faithful like eggs benedict, or Crêpes Suzette, Dutch pancakes, or one of Mom’s traditional favourites.


Another great alternative is an afternoon tea, complete with an assortment of dainty sandwiches, (on white bread with the crust removed, of course!): salmon salad sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, an assortment of biscuits, either homemade or procured from your favourite bakery and  served with a pot of  piping hot tea are a wonderful way to have a meaningful and sane visit with mom. Continue »

What To Get Her For Mother’s Day



Dads get steaks and beer, maybe a new tie or a fishing rod. But for moms we always do brunch – scones and hollandaise sauce, mimosas and cupcakes, maybe a bouquet of flowers thrown in for good measure. This year in our city a very special Mother’s Day menu is going to be prepared. It isn’t a brunch and the chef behind it isn’t from Toronto. Continue »

Give Your Mom A Date With Chuck This Weekend

This Sunday, May 13, is Mother’s Day.  The tradition selecting a day or festival to honour and celebrate our mothers goes back thousands of years, from the Greco-Roman festivals honouring the mother of the gods, Cybele. But it wasn’t until the early twentieth Century, when West Virginian Anna Jarvis selected the second Sunday in May as a day to honour our mothers that the occasion really caught on. Here is a little of her story: Continue »

A Motherly Food Intervention

I was pretty young when I started to realize that my family didn’t eat quite like everybody else’s. I was 10 years old and we were spending the summer in upstate New York traveling with Circus Flora (I’ll save that story for another blog post) when we happened on an Italian restaurant. Hurray! I’d be able to have my favorite meal at the time, fried calamari on top of Caesar salad. But when I ordered it, the blond waitress cocked her head and looked at me real confused. “Sorry Sweetie, we’ve only got red and white house wine here.” Bummer.

My childhood consisted of a lot of moments like these. Requests to my parents for popular snacks foods, like Cup of Noodle soup, were met with good intentions but somehow I always ended up with Knorr Bacon and Corn instead of the chicken flavor everyone else had. And hell hath no fury like a scorned 5th grader. Sitting at my desk, tears in my eyes, I was wishing death upon my father for the inedible Genoa salami, tapenade and sriracha sandwich I had to force down. Couldn’t he have just made pb & j? But the way my parents saw it, being ordinary when it came to food was the worst sin one could commit. Continue »