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Oat Bran For The Win!




Mares eat oats, and does eat oats…and we eat oats too. Lots of ‘em. We Canadians love our oats; only Russia grows more oats annually, and as a country, Canada is the number one exporter of oats in the world, most destined for a little tweaking into breakfast cereals like Cheerios, granolas and granola bars, breads, oatmeal cookies and so on. And the reasons for this are simple; oats are good for you, they are inexpensive and they taste good. Continue »

Say Cheese: Jarlsberg



We here at Fiesta Farms love cheese, all kinds. In the past we’ve profiled Fifth Town CheeseOka and Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue, and today we’re giving some love to one of the great Norwegian cheeses-one that was not even available in North America until the nineteen sixties and has since become the most popular imported cheese in the United States. Continue »

Cranberry Lemon Muffins



This recipe is just the thing to make during the Thanksgiving long weekend. Because while we wait in anticipation for the ultimate turkey dinner we need something to snack on don’t we? Since cranberries are everywhere right now here’s a recipe that lets them shine. The glaze makes these muffins super moist and lemony. Continue »