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On Special: Mushroom Risotto


Unlike the woman in the clip above (a favourite scene from the classic movie “Big Night”) I love Italian cuisine, especially risotto, the creamy rice dish that is both comforting and elegant at the same time. Mushroom risotto is my absolute favourite and I like to use a variety of mushrooms when I make it. Forget button mushrooms, I go for the wild mushroom selection at Fiesta Farms. They offer an ever changing choice of chanterelles, hen of the woods, cinnamon cap, yellow foot and black trumpet mushrooms when they are in season. I asked Sergio Da Silva, the produce manager, which mushroom he recommends for use in risotto. “The best mushroom for making a risotto that we have in store right now is the yellow foot, it is related to the chanterelle, which is another favourite for risotto.” Did you know that mushrooms are high in Vitamin D? Just the thing we need when the sky starts to grow dark at 5pm.

So that settles the mushroom issue, now we must turn our attention to the rice. Continue »