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Finally! A Vegetable Stock That Tastes Great



Making your own homemade stock is just about the easiest thing you can do in the kitchen, and it is so good, once you get into the habit of making your own it is doubtful you will purchase a pre-made, name brand variety. Prepared vegetarian stocks are also often very high in sodium, to make up for a lack of true flavor. Making your own, flavourful broth will greatly cut down on the amount of salt needed.

We love soup, and whenever we make up a batch we use our own stock; chicken for chicken soup, of course, and beef stock for Scotch broth and French onion soup, and whenever possible we like to use a fragrant, hearty vegetable stock. It is incredibly healthy, economical, it allows us to satisfy our vegetarian and vegan friends, and reduces our dependence on the animal kingdom for at least a meal or two. Furthermore veggie stock is chock full of  water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and thiamine, and is devoid of animal fats that are typically high in calories.

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