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Grapefruit That Tastes Like Grapefruit

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I remember as a kid that only adults ate grapefruit, it was just too sour for kids. Remember when a grapefruit was so tart a sprinkle of sugar was often welcome just to make it more palatable?

Those grapefruits aren’t around much anymore, Ruby Red grapefruits are the norm these days. And Ruby Reds are delicious for sure, sometimes though, one gets a craving for the kind of pucker only a tart and sweetly sour Duncan grapefruit can give. Continue »

Boxing Day Brunch At Home



Having Christmas land on a Thursday is the best, especially if you have the 26th off, that means it is time for a Boxing Day Brunch and the star of the brunch should be a delicious stack of buttermilk pancakes. If you do have to work on the 26th you still have the whole lovely weekend to enjoy your gifts from Santa while digging into fluffy pancakes glistening with maple syrup. Continue »

Summerland, A Great Cookbook Any Time Of Year



Is Summerland the best name ever for a cookbook? Maybe. In this country, we go ape for anything related to summer. Now, in the summer, when you think of  cookbooks you might just think of  Atlanta’s Anne Stiles Quatrano  and her beautiful collection of recipes that are “refined yet relaxed’, a celebration of the inimitable style and hospitality of the South. Continue »