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Oil 101: Sesame Oil



Do you have a little brown bottle of sesame oil in your cupboard? You should, because it is an amazing ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes adding a slightly exotic and aromatic touch to stir fries, rice dishes, vegetables and soups.

The more we delve into the history of cooking, and the cuisines of the world, the more we realize that most ingredients have been utilized for thousands of years, and sesame oil is no exception. In Asia and South Asia it has figured prominently since the third millennia B.C. and has been called, “The Queen of Oils”

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Oil 101: Olive


Olive oil has been used throughout the world for thousands of years. The olive tree itself is native to Mediterranean, and early peoples gathered wild olives as early as the 6,000 B.C; the cultivation of the olive tree is thought to have originated in Crete sometime around 2,500 B.C, and archeological evidence suggests that olive oil has been around for eons before that, prized by the ancient civilizations of Syria and Egypt. Continue »