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D.O.P. is the Key to the Finest Italian Ingredients



If you are looking for the finest ingredients for your next Mediterranean feast, you would do well to look for the little yellow label on many of the best foodstuffs imported from Italy. Continue »

Happy Anniversary Christine Cushing!

“My advice when it comes to choosing oil is this: Pick an oil that you love the flavour of. It’s like wine. Use it how you prefer and store it properly in a cool dark place. Here it’s the opposite of wine as its flavour lessens the longer you keep it. So don’t be storing your favourite bottles for years in the cellar.”-Christine Cushing


an olive grove in Greece

an olive grove in Greece


One of Canada’s favourite chefs and busiest food personalities is celebrating an anniversary this year! It’s been ten years since Christine Cushing introduced her signature extra virgin olive oil and it’s going stronger than ever. She has even introduced a line of frozen desserts that feature her 100% extra virgin olive oil.

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Oil 101: Olive


Olive oil has been used throughout the world for thousands of years. The olive tree itself is native to Mediterranean, and early peoples gathered wild olives as early as the 6,000 B.C; the cultivation of the olive tree is thought to have originated in Crete sometime around 2,500 B.C, and archeological evidence suggests that olive oil has been around for eons before that, prized by the ancient civilizations of Syria and Egypt. Continue »

Olive Oil For Dessert

Olive oil has been part of cuisine and culture for thousands of years, ever since early Mediterranean communities started grinding the fruit of the Olea europaea and extracting the versatile oil. Since as early as 6000 B.C. it has been used in cooking, religious rituals, medicine, soaps, fuel and sport (imagine naked Spartans wrestling without first oiling up!) Continue »