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Snack Plating for the Holiday Week



Ah, the week between Christmas and New Years, you just don’t feel like cooking, especially after a high-powered holiday.There are only a few times of year when the fridge is as overflowing as it will be over the next few days. Magazines are filled with tips for using up all that turkey. Recipes for turkey hash, turkey soup, turkey a la king…We prefer a simpler approach and just use whatever is already on hand to throw together a snack plate. Continue »

Our Proud Producers: Monforte Dairy



Ruth Klahsen makes some of the most delicious cheese in the country and we’re very proud to sell her Monforte Dairy cheeses at our cheese counter.

Not only does she produce incredible cheese, she does so in a way that supports small dairy farms and allows her to source her milk from the local community. Alternatives Journal touted her in a recent article saying,

“Monforte’s founder, Ruth Klahsen, recognized that an interdependent relationship with local farmers would not only give her the best quality raw materials, but it would also allow Monforte to connect with the local community and develop personal ties that would encourage trust and interdependence among all of the partners involved.”

Continue »

Our Proud Producers: Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue Cheese



The tiny hamlet of Thornloe, Ontario, population – one hundred and twenty three in 2011, produces some of the best cheese you will ever have. Since 1940, when the company was started by Rene Laframboise, Thornloe has been crafting award-winning cheeses. Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue is one of the stars, visually stunning in its black wax jacket and unique in taste and texture. Continue »