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Raspberries are Rock Stars




When it comes to fresh fruit and berries, living in Ontario in the summer is like attending a season long music festival; just when one headliner finishes their act, along comes another to take centre stage. We started out the spring with rhubarb fool, we glutted ourselves on strawberries, then cherries, then blueberries, and now raspberries are making their way to the main stage. Continue »

A Strawberry Shortcake Summer




This post is a guilty pleasure, short, and sweet, like the subject line, and it is all about one of summer’s most iconic and beloved desserts. When local strawberries are in season the world becomes a happier and more delicious place. We put them in spinach salads, we eat them with cheese, we eat them with a goat, we eat them in a boat. And for those who like to work a little for their reward, picking fresh fruit can be a fun way to spend a few hours, and introduce the kids to the land and its bounty, and put themselves in the shoes of a farmer. Here is a really cool interactive guide that lets you select the fruits and vegetables you want; you can check for organic or conventional, and it lets you know when and where to pick them! Continue »

Have A Berry Happy Canada Day!





In Ontario we are well into berry season. Mulberries are decorating our leafy streets, local strawberries are perfuming market stalls and shoring up shortcakes and cherries are just coming in. And there is one other amazing fruit tree that is no less prolific, flying under the radar in backyards and parks and growing like gangbusters in the wild, where they are prized by fauna like deer and rabbits; the serviceberry. Continue »