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The Great Canadian Wine Match

Waht wine will you have with dinner tonight?

What wine will you have with dinner tonight? photo – Quail’s Gate Vineyard


Have you ever found yourself wandering and wondering up and down the aisles of the LCBO in search of a bottle of wine for dinner, picked up a few bottles, read the descriptions, sighed, and then just grabbed whatever one had the nicest label? Or maybe just decided to wing it with a moderately priced bottle from France or Italy or California, or maybe something with a kangaroo or a cat on the label and hoped for the best? Continue »

Video: A Few Words From a Winemaker

County Terroir takes place this weekend in Prince Edward County. Since the festival is all about Ontario wines we thought we’d talk to an Ontario winemaker about why buying local, especially when it comes to wine, is best.


Easier Access to VQA Wines

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Rosehall Run’s Dan Sullivan with Chef Jamie Kennedy


When it comes to acknowledging the good folks who have dedicated their lives to putting good food on our tables, we like to give credit where it is due, and spread the word. So it is with those involved in the wine industry as well. If something new and innovative is going on, whether it is a great local wine being produced in Ontario, or an innovative product associated with a vineyard, or whether laws are afoot that will change how we access the wines we are able to serve, we think our readers want to know about it.  Continue »