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zucchini flower closeup

Zucchini flower

There are both male and female flowers on a zucchini plant. How do you tell them apart? The female flowers have a stubby stalk, (it’s where the fruit begins to grow), and the male flowers are on the end of a more slender stalk.

Problem: Blossom-end rot on your zucchinis? That’s when the end of the zucchini plant shrivels and sometimes turns black or yellow. It forms where the blossom is attached to the beginning fruit. Nature gave us uneven watering this summer: drought followed by buckets of rain; perfect conditions for creating blossom-end rot. Tomatoes are suffering too. Continue »

Gluten-free Veggie Burger with Sunshine Salad

gluten-free Wild Wood Veggie Burgers with Shiitake- one of the best I've had

gluten-free Wild Wood Veggie Burgers with Shiitake- one of the best I’ve had

It may be snowing in Stratford today but we’re still enjoying sunshine and clear skies in Toronto. I’m tired of braising everything, I want something light and meatless. I want a burger and a salad. After shopping at Fiesta Farms yesterday, I picked up these gluten free burger buns and a new veggie burger I want to try out. There’s also some unpasteurized clover honey from Wild Country over in Guelph, I know I want to use that in the salad. A Cortland apple, some napa cabbage and organic, heirloom New Farm carrots, here goes. click here to read more