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The Secret To Great Pad Thai and Chicken Wings…



It was the great Canadian intellectual Marshall McLuhan who coined the term “Global Village,” the metaphorical shrinking of the world due to advances in technology and information. And the term may be expanded to include the kitchens of the world as well; a generation ago it might have been unheard of for a home in Tamworth, Ontario to have a jar of wasabi in the fridge, or rice paper wraps in the cupboard. Grab your tamarind, you know you’ve got some, and let’s kickstart the weekend.  Continue »

Halloumi For Spring




Picture that typical Greek restaurant scene – the server brings a flaming pan to the table, douses the flames with a squirt of lemon and sets the saganaki before the guests while shouting “Opa!” When is the last time you had yourself some delicious fried cheese? Continue »