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A Clean Oven Means Less Food Waste



Today’s post is another in a series that Fiesta Farms will run, in keeping with our newest ad in Edible Toronto’s winter issue, concerning household food waste. Check out this video, from acclaimed director Andrew Nisker for some more tips on how to reduce food waste in your home.

Note: This article is for non-self cleaning ovens. For directions on cleaning your self-cleaning oven (!) follow manufacturer’s directions

Just think about how much food waste could be avoided if you never burned another recipe again. All those blackened cookies or crusty casseroles that could have been enjoyed instead of tossed. A clean oven can go a long way towards ensuring the food you make comes out perfect and ready for the table. Here we take your through the process that will get your oven clean and ready for the onslaught of holiday baking. Illustrated with images of beautiful vintage ovens to get you in an oven-loving mood! Continue »