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Our Proud Producers: Marinelli Pasta Sauce

We carry some great products in the store and we like to feature them in this “Our Proud Producers” series. Here allow us to introduce you to Marinelli Pasta Sauce.

The thing about pasta sauce is it’s hard to buy a store-bought sauce that tastes as good as homemade, with locally grown ingredients, devoid of added sugars and preservatives. The reasons for this are largely economic; it costs more to produce a superior product. Continue »

Celebrity Sauces!

Most of us keep a few convenience items in our pantry for those nights when we’re too busy or wiped out to cook from scratch. One such item that makes for an easy supper is a simple jar of spaghetti sauce. We’re seeing more and more of these sauces being put out by celebrity chefs.

Christine Cushing offers a cognac and roasted pepper version, a fresh basil infused sauce and a porcini and chianti sauce in her line.

While Jamie Oliver offers a red onion and rosemary, and a tomato and chili, among others. How many times have you made a spaghetti sauce from scratch and put cognac in it? Or porcini? Or rosemary for that matter? Continue »