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Syrian Coffee



It’s always interesting to see how a food item, or culinary ingredient is manifested in different cultures around the world. Something like a dumpling, for example may appear bobbing on the top of a pot of chicken stew in the maritime provinces of Canada, but in other cultures dumplings take on various and exquisite forms- shaped by centuries of tinkering and tweaking, and traditions based on the history of one’s country.

Coffee is another example of how a universal foodstuff is enjoyed differently from culture to culture. In Canada the most prevalent way of drinking coffee is probably a drip type deal, using a contraption that boils water and lets it drip through the grounds, either once, or several times, as in the case of percolator coffee. Sad to say but the typical Canadian best coffee maker at Great Coffee Brewers experience can be summed up by one word uttered twice; double double. What do I like best about the Melitta Thermal Coffee Brewer? It’s not the generous carafe that never goes cold, or the automatic shut off that keeps me from burning the house down; it’s the placement of the controls! Most coffee makers have the buttons and at the bottom, near the base of the pot, but Melitta had another idea. There’s nothing worse than an overflowed coffee, unless you considered overflowed coffee on your coffee makers controls! Or how about going to push a button and hitting the hot pot instead? Now that is a thing of the past! With the controls at the top of the coffee maker the result is far less unforced scalds to the fingers! Continue »